It's Val Pal Week at OHG from Feb 12th-17th. Bring your Valentine Pal to class with you--get the details and a waiver for your friend in the office!


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Heidi Reetz

Heidi comes to OHG with twenty years of experience in coaching artistic gymnastics (pre-team-Level 10), dance/choreography, and gym management in Texas. Heidi's passion for gymnastics comes from growing up as a competitive gymnast and several years of dance instruction (classical- contemporary disciplines). Heidi has been a part of developing state and regional champions in Region 3 for the past several years and has been a part of business and management teams within this industry for the past ten years.

Van Wright

Van is a girls Team coach and is Safety Certified. She has twenty-five years of coaching experience. Van has been married for more than twenty years and has a son and a daughter. Some people may not know that Van is from California. She loves the movie E.T., eating sushi, and her favorite color is purple. In her spare time she likes to do anything with water, like the beach or lake.

Carly Norris

Carly was a competitive gymnast, did competitive dance AND competed in cheerleading as well!  She coaches Recreational classes, PreTeam and helps with the Afterschool Program when needed.  She has been Safety Certified by USA Gymnastics and holds a USAG Instructor membership. She is GAT (Gymnastics Association of Texas) Certified as well as CPR and First Aid Certified.  She has a dog named Dory who she loves very much.  She is also quite fond of macaroni and pizza too! She enjoys board games, movies, swimming and shooting pool!  Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite flower is...SUNFLOWERS!  Interesting fact about Carly...she is a trained Dental Assistant.  Lucky for us, she realized her heart lies with teaching children GYMNASTICS!

Krystal Phillips

Krystal is the OHG cheerleading coach. She has ten years of competitive cheer experience, five years of high school cheer experience and she has experience has a pre-team gymnastics coach, tumbling and recreational cheer coaching experience. Something you may not know about Krystal is that softball is her second favorite sport. She coaches it in the spring and plays every chance she gets. Her favorite colors and purple and turquoise, her favorite movie is Dirty Dancing, and her favorite food is pancakes. Along with softball in her spare time she enjoys crafting and reading.

Katinka Castro

Tink is a recreational gymnastics and tumbling class coach. She has twelve years of gymnastics experience. She is from Chicago, Illinois and is a surgical tech major at Austin Community College. Tink's favorite color is blue; she loves Asian food, and movies. In her spare time she likes to do gymnastics and is a huge Steelers fan!

Eliud De La Cruz

Eliud is an Afterschool and cheer coach. He has two years of gymnastics experience and ten years of experience. Eliud is an English major and enjoys doing volunteer work. His favorite color is red, favorite movie is 28 Days, and his favorite food is mole. In his spare time Eliud likes to watch movies, read, write, and work out

Claire Eaves

Claire is from Houston, Texas and she is a recreational gymnastics coach. She has seven years of cheer and gymnastics experience and four years of coaching experience. She is CPR and First-Aid certified. Her favorite color is blue, her favorite food is mac-n-cheese, and her favorite movie is Stick It!

Zachary Hamilton

Zach is an Afterschool and recreational gymnastics coach. He is in the pre-physical therapy program at Texas State University. Zach's favorite color is blue, his favorite movie is Stand By Me, and his favorite food is a hamburger and french fries. He has three dogs and six cats and one brother and a sister. Zach is a Younglife leader at Wimberley High School. Zach enjoys playing and watching sports, spear fishing, and working out.

Megan Peck

Megan is from Splendora, Texas and she is an Afterschool coach. Megan did competitive gymnastics from age six to age twelve. She also cheered for four years and tumbled for nine years. Megan is CPR and First-Aid certified. She is an elementary education major at Texas State University. She is extremely double-jointed; she can pop every joint out of place! Her favorite movie is Stick It, her favorite color is red, her favorite food is pizza! She also enjoys reading in her spare time. Megan loves working with kids.

Maddy Shannon

Maddy is an Afterschool and Recreational gymnastics coach. Maddy is a native Austinite and graduated from Jack C. Hays High School and is an education major at Texas State University. Maddy was a part of the State Championship Softball team for 2013 at Hays high school. Maddy's favorite color is teal, her favorite movie is No Strings Attached, and she loves pizza. In her spare time she enjoys running, softball and cooking!

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